We will be at the meeting location as per your booking, however if you wish to change the drop off location give us a call or a Whatsapp message to coordinate same.
Simply book from our website and choose your preferred pickup and drop off location, our agent will take care of the rest. We have a nationwide coverage for pickup and dropoff.
All our cars are insured against all risk with an excess of 700Euro, however damage to tyres, rims, interior damages, key loss are not covered by insurance, hence your responsibility to pay any damage of this nature.

It is important to note passengers and drivers are insured under our car insurance policy.
Yes it is, however you should be holder of a valid driving license of at least 1 year, and 21 Years old.
We offer GPS option with extended features, We go the extra mile in customizing our GPS with useful features for foreginers. We recorded an audio guide that will let you know when you're driving near a place worth seeing. We also included a list of beautiful, publicly accessible beaches. Just select the closest one and let the voice instructions guide you to it!

We maintain an exhaustive list of known speed traps so that the device can warn you when you are driving too fast.
Highway speed is 110km/h, Auxiliary road are at 80km/h and villages or approaching villages and town 60 to 40km/h
We are automatically nofity by the Police of such raod traffic offence, you will have to pay on drop off with our agent and for other minor traffic offence you can settle same at any Post Office and produce us the receipt.
If you wish to reduce number of rental days, hence returning the car before the schedule date, refund will be made for the remaining days with a 50% penalty.
Yes we do, you shall find the extra rate on the booking sheet.
Right hand, We drive on the left side of the road while the steering wheel is place on the right side of the car and priority is given to vehicle coming from right, like all commonwealth countries, UK etc.
Since we priviledge our customers comfort we have chosen Paypal as only payment solution for fast and easy checkout in addition to 30 Days buyer protection.
Sure! Our system automatically account your discount base on the number of days you book.
Sure, simply book your car and contact our team who will gladly arrange the airport transfer, which you can pay via paypal, you can get an immediate quote via Whatsapp (+230 5 860 8764).

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